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Sky and Earth: Pack Runners


Sci-Fi, Alt-History, Fantasy


During the second industrial revolution, humanity developed science and technology that they now consider far beyond what they were meant to have. As a result of the accelerated development, the world below has been ravaged by a self-replicating and carbon heavy-pollution, forcing the world's brightest scientists to develop a new technology to ascend what little protected land left into the skies, so that mankind may continue to survive.

The story picks up with the main character who lives in the capitol of Mica, a country that was formerly in shambles due to its lacking army. With it largely reformed and boasting unique defensive capabilities, the country has entered a period of relative peace, though skirmishes for land to sustain their populace constantly occur.

The main character has no interest in his country, his eyes constantly focused on the open skies and ears strained for stories of the strange and unknown that constantly float through the tavern he frequents. When evaluations for placement as a contributing member of his society occur, he intentionally puts no effort into any of them, hoping that it'll buy him some time to find the adventure he seeks.

When he's called to the head evaluator's office and learns that the general of their army wishes to meet him, he begins to fear that his first adventure may be his last.

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