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Hey there, anyone who may have been holding out hope from something on us. It's been a while, hasn't it? Lets start with addressing what the deal with the eight month (roughly) gap between canceling our former project and suddenly springing back to life. Before we canceled our project, we tried everything we could. Rewriting the story, cutting heroines, so on and so forth. Ultimately, it had a negative effect on a good portion of the staff.

From our previous staff ranks, we've shrunk quite a bit. Our colorist has vanished, one of our artists left, leaving us with Mystery Artist X and Skrats. Two of our writers have also left, leaving us with myself, Hoa and Lambic. Another writer is MIA, but he usually comes back at odd intervals. Thankfully, we still have our programmer, background artist (who will probably have to double on colors) and musician, so even with our diminished team, we'll be able to continue working. The first couple months we spent trying to come up with a new method of going about making our visual novels so we could ultimately avoid this sort of catastrophe again in the future.

Ultimately we decided on going with as small and minimal as possible. Kinetic, no choices, low resource requirements, fairly small word count. The first project was aimed to be based on Sky and Earth, a short story I wrote some time ago. The universe was decided to lend a lot to storytelling and we saw a fair bit of potential we could wring out of it. We directly adapted it and expanded it a bit so it wouldn't be a half hour read, leading to a 15k word story.

So, what stalled that? Two things. First, it was far too action oriented and demanded too many CGs of the artist responsible for the smaller project. Then, there was a three month period where I was completely incapable of coordinating anything on this project. If you're interested in reading the expanded script, here's a link to the drive document.

Once I stopped being indisposed (and horrified at my backlog of tasks to complete, this being one of them), I decided to repitch the story altogether. Instead of a bulk of the writing being fast-paced battles, which was rough for our meager team, I decided to go with something capable of action but far less exhaustive. Enter the new Sky and Earth story, Pack Runners.

Where the straight adaptation of the story was focused on the protagonist's country of Mica, and the hopeless feeling of war as the lowest rung of their army, the new one is focused on a protagonist who intentionally flubs the country's evaluation, which places what role in their limited society he'll have. The rest of the setting will remain the same, but see considerable expansion on the world that Sky and Earth takes place in. The protagonist, considered worthless for all sectors, war, agriculture and commerce, winds up being placed in a very peculiar, less-known branch of Mica's service. Their courier corps, which are responsible for ferrying freight and mail between the floating landmasses that serve as their capitol's colonies.

If any of this sounds really strange, or confusing, don't worry! If you don't feel like reading either the past script or the standalone story that this series of episodic VNs will be based on, we're also going to attempt implementing a handy-dandy appendix with the game to include some extra details for those who don't understand certain terms, parts of the story, and so on. The story itself will be written in a way that doesn't require you to read either of those two, but the universe has quite a bit going on and I'm sure people will wonder about them.

Well, that should be about it. Thanks for sticking with us and reading this post. Once the new draft of the revamped story is completed, we'll post the amount of resources we're working on and may make a habit of updating as we get closer to completion. We're most likely going to be less behind-closed-doors about this, since we've been that way for too many years and it's probably hurt our audience's interest in whatever we're doing rather than helping.

As a side note, if you were interested in our past project, I'll be putting together a download containing a fair bit of content from our canceled work, including some art, the eldrich horror that was our outline, as well as what scenes we actually got written.

Take care, everyone.

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